shiny blue

It was my 6th birthday & I had a fever. My parents bought me the bicycle of
my dreams, but alas, due to my illness, my mom forbid me to ride. I was
having none of that. There was my dream bike ~ shiny Blue, 3 speed~ begging
to roll down the street. I convinced my protective parents to let me just
sit on my bike. With a thermometer in my mouth, I mounted the leather seat &
felt the power of the wheels! My mother's protests could be heard as I
zoomed off, thermometer flying. Nothing could stop me. My flu symptoms were
momentarily suspended as I cruised along showing off my new wheels. When I
"landed" back in our front yard, my bike was interned in the garage, & I was
sent back to bed. My virgin ride on shiny Blue was worth the admonitions
from my parents and that moment 60 years ago is forever, happily etched in
my brain.
Thank you for the opportunity to relive a memorable moment!
Nancy Wallior